McKenna Falls Intake Improvement

The McKenna Falls Intake Facility is located at edge of the Union River immediately above McKenna Falls. Flow from the Union River Main Branch and West Branch enter the City’s water system through this facility, which supplies approximately 70% of the City’s potable water.

The screen building houses mechanical screening equipment and the entrance to the 36” transmission water intake pipe. The mechanical screening equipment has reached its useful life expectancy and must be replaced. The City has chosen to use a physical screen located on the edge of the main channel with an air backwash system to remove debris that collects on the screen. The 36” transmission pipe which passes through the lower impoundment area downstream of the intake facility will be replaced and the new pipe will be set at a lower elevation to create a constant downward grade in the channel, reducing maintenance requirements by eliminating low spots. The contract for construction was awarded to Nordic Construction, Inc. in the amount of $862,838.86.

$1.2 million has been budgeted in the 2016 Water Fund Budget for construction of the McKenna Falls Intake Improvements Project. The City’s estimate for completing all the work is $1.18 million.

Cost Item Estimated Cost
Construction $860,000
Screen Pre-procurement $87,000
Consultant  $100,000
City staff $48,000
Miscellaneous $15,000
TOTAL $1,100,000
The work will start during the first week of April and end in August. The work has been scheduled during a time when precipitation is decreasing but summer water demands have not peaked.  

Project Status (Updated September 29, 2016)

This project has been successfully completed by Nordic. Old screens out and new screens in. Installed an Air Burst system to keep the screens clear of debris so they can do their job to help to provide Bremerton with quality drinking water. That and much more was accomplished. The final cost for this construction project came in around $824,000, which is $38,000 under budget.

Screen Building

Lower Impoundment Area - 36" pipe to be lowered to remove low spots

Upper Intake Area where screen will be installed at the side of the channel