Online Services

  1. Abandoned Property Registration

    Lenders with properties which are vacant and in default must register their properties with the City, in accordance with the Abandoned Property Registration and Maintenance Ordinance.

  2. Authorization to Remove Trespassers

    Authorize Bremerton Police Department to enter property and remove trespassed persons.

  3. Business & Landlord License Online Center

    Renew and make changes to your business or landlord license online.

  4. Code Enforcement Complaint Form

    Submit a complaint form to the Code Enforcement Officer.

  5. Drug Tips

    Report suspected drug activity to the Bremerton Police Department. Your information will remain confidential. Call 911 if this is an emergency situation or if a crime is in progress.

  6. Graffiti Reporting

    Visit to report graffiti online and/or download the City of Bremerton's Graffiti iPhone App.

  7. Online Permitting

    The DCD Online Center provides public access to the current status of applications/permits, permit reports and activity, as well as access to reference material and documentation. Festival Vendors are now reviewed through the Special Event process; individual vendors are no longer required to register with the Fire Department. City business licenses are still required.

  8. Parking Complaints

    Report parking complaints within the City of Bremerton.

  9. Parks & Recreation

    Register for recreation programs and activities.

  10. Public Records Request

    Submit a public records request.

  11. Report an Issue to Bremerton Police

    Report issues or concerns with the quality of life in your neighborhood such as minor vandalism or other nuisances. This form is not for reporting crimes. To report a crime in progress, call 911.

  12. Traffic Tips

    Report traffic concerns to the Bremerton Police Department. Call 911 if this is an emergency or a crime is in progress.

  13. Vacation House Watch

    Vacation house checks are provided as a courtesy by the Bremerton Police Department and Bremerton Police Department's Citizen Auxiliary Patrol for residents who are temporarily away from their homes.

  14. Water Pollution Hotline

    Report spills and water pollution concerns by calling the Water Pollution Hotline at 360-337-5777. After hours call 911 for emergency concerns or leave a message at Kitsap One for non-emergency concerns.

  15. Wildlife Report Submission Form

    Report feeding or keeping of wildlife, a raccoon problem or dead wildlife on public property or streets within city limits.