Permit Legal Notices

Notice Of: Permit Number Project Description General Vicinity Comment/Appeal Period Closes Contact Person
Notice of Shoreline Application and SEPA Determination  BP16-00070 Shoreline Substantial Development Permit, Shoreline Conditional Use Permit, and SEPA to construct a 111 unit multifamily structure with 4 floors over 2 levels of parking. Site and development work will include 18,000 sf of earthwork, a public access viewing facility, landscaping and stormwater control facilities. Permits will also be required.  1943 Wheaton Way  11/18/2016 @ 5:00 PM  Kelli Lambert, 360-473-5245 
Notice of Application and SEPA Determination  BP16-00050 Preliminary Plat Subdivision for a Residential Cluster Development with 110 lots (110 detached single family homes) through phasing, on 35.5 acres. Site improvements to include grading of about 65,000 cubic yards (cy) cut and 55,000 cy fill; stormwater control facilities; associated parking; and landscaping. Sinclair Way near 3rd Ave W   10/27/2016 @ 5:00 PM  Kelli Lambert, 360-473-5245
Notice of Design Review Board Meeting  BP16-00067  Design Response for the renovation and expansion of existing retail building to include five new living units. 707 Pacific Avenue  10/07/2016 @ 5:35 PM, Council Chambers, Norm Dicks Government Center,  345 6th St, Bremerton  Garrett.Jackson, 360-473-5289