Council Goals & Priorities

The following goals and priorities were established at the Joint Planning Session on January 30, 2016.
2016 Goals & Priorities

  • Performance Audit/Review of Fire Department (PSP Committee)
  • Social Media and Increase Public Outreach
    • City of Bremerton Facebook Page (Council President and Council Staff)
    • "Move to Bremerton" Campaign (Mayor Lent with input from Council)
  • Repair City Roads/Sidewalks Maintenance and Funding (Public Works and Finance Committees)
  • Economic Development (Entire Council)
    • Focus on Growing Sales Tax Revenue
    • Reach out to Existing Business Owners for their Suggestions
  • Improve Financial Sustainability of City Parks
    • Performance Audit/Review of Parks Department (PSP Committee)
    • Funding/Sustainable Business Model (Finance Committee)
  • Medical Care Services Succession Plan (Mayor Lent with input from Council)
  • Annexation (Entire Council)