Fire Prevention Office

  1. Development

    Information related to construction. Requirements for: site plan, new construction, remodels, fire protection systems and fuel tanks.

  2. Fire Safety Inspections

    Fire Safety Inspections are year to year inspections focused on fire safety violations that develop over time. These inspections are largely used as an opportunity to educate businesses on violations, how to correct violations and the background behind violations. The Fire Prevention Office hopes that by educating people on violations the business community will have the background to self-police and correct these issues as they develop.

  3. Fire Investigation

    Fire Reports and Fire Investigation Reports are available by contacting the City of Bremerton Fire Department Administrative Office during normal business hours, 360-473-5380.

  4. Photo Gallery

    Photo gallery of recent Bremerton fires.

  5. Public Education

    Review the public education's various resources.