City Council

City Council 2016
2016 Council Members
(Left to right): District 6, Richard Huddy; District 2, Leslie Daugs; District 3, Jerry McDonald; District 7, Eric Younger; District 1, Pat Sullivan; District 5, Dino Davis and District 4, Greg Wheeler.
2016 Council Committee Appointments
February 23, 2016 - Third Issue
Transportation Benefit District Board
All Council Members serve on the board
  • Dino Davis - TBD President
  • Leslie Daugs - TBD Vice President
Finance & Investment Committee
  • Richard Huddy - Chair
  • Pat Sullivan - Vice Chair
  • Jerry McDonald
Public Works Committee
  • Greg Wheeler - Chair
  • Dino Davis - Vice Chair
  • Richard Huddy
Public Safety & Parks Committee
  • Leslie Daugs - Chair
  • Jerry McDonald - Vice Chair
  • Eric Younger
Audit Committee
  • Leslie Daugs - Chair
  • Pat Sullivan - Vice Chair
Lodging Tax Advisory Committee
  • Eric Younger - Chair
Police Pension Board
  • Eric Younger - Council President 
Fire Pension Board
  • Richard Huddy - Finance Committee Chair
CenCom Policy Board
  • Greg Wheeler - Vice Chair
  • Jerry McDonald
Kitsap Transit Board of Commissioners
  • Richard Huddy

Kitsap Transit Planning & Operations Sub-Committee

  • Richard Huddy
KEDA Board of Directors
  • Eric Younger - Council President
CDBG Project Review Committee
  • Greg Wheeler
Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC)
The following boards are by appointment of the Mayor or Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC)

Executive Board
  • Dino Davis
  • Mayor Patty Lent - Alternate
Transpol Board
  • Dino Davis
  • Mayor Patty Lent - Alternate
Growth Management Board
  • Greg Wheeler
  • Leslie Daugs - Alternate

Economic Development District Board

  • Mayor Patty Lent
  • Dino Davis - Alternate 
West Sound Alliance Stakeholders & Steering Committees
  • Jerry McDonald- Alternate to Mayor

West Central LIO Executive Committee

  • Leslie Daugs - Alternate to Mayor Lent
City Council Members are elected by the citizens of Bremerton to perform the legislative function of local government. This includes establishing goals, priorities, and policies; adopting ordinances and resolutions; as well as approving the annual budget and monitoring expenditures related to City business throughout the year.