East Park Stormwater Outfall

Project Status (Updated March 28, 2017)

Bids were recently opened and the lowest bidder was Scarsella Brothers in the amount of $374,428. It is anticipated that the contract will be awarded by the Bremerton City Council on April 5.


The existing 18” outfall in the East Park basin is undersized for the runoff that will be generated by the new East Park housing development. The new outfall will be 36” diameter. The pipe and diffuser will be HDPE. The diffuser is designed to reduce the energy in the water as it comes down the hill and avoid eroding the slope. The new outfall will be constructed in the same location as the existing outfall.    


The project is fully funded by stormwater rates in 2017.    


The project will start in early May, with anticipated completion in late August 2017. The Contractor may not begin work on the beach until July 15 in order to comply with requirements from the Department of Fish and Wildlife. 
East Park Stormwater Outfall